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Custom Drums

Already own your dream drums, but need some extra work? Peters Drum Company offers repair and restoration services to get your instruments performing at their best.

  • Custom Drums
  • Vintage Drum Restoration
  • Bearing Edge Work
  • Shell Refinishing
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Percussion Accessories

Peters Drum Company offers custom built-to-order snare drums, drum sets, concert toms, and more. Why choose from a catalog when you can own a personalized instrument made for your needs and taste?

Peters Drum Company offers personalized service for any drummer who wants the best from their gear.



Peters Drum Company is owned and operated by myself, Austen Peters. I'm always happy to answer any questions and provide advice for all your drum needs. You don't have to talk to an operator, sales representative, marketing director, or computerized directory. Here, you can talk directly to a fellow drummer who will personally oversee everything from parts ordering, drum construction, product testing, and even shipping of your instrument or other products. By operating in this way, I can guarantee you quality service with a unique experience. Each drummer is able to design their own drum, not just choose from catalog options. You'll love your drum from Peters Drum Company, because it's designed, built, tested and approved by you!


Austen Peters


Peters Drum Company

Custom Drums Made in North Carolina